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Here is a list of our favorite links about Leadership, Culture, and Strategy. They include Dr. Truskie's recent writings. We hope this list helps you If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to


Profile of Dr. Truskie who has over 4000 executive/professional followers on Linkedin.

Build A Winning Company Culture

Learn the six steps in how to build a Winning Company Culture

CPP Webinar: Coaching Transformational Leaders with the MBTI

30-minute webinar discussing how to change leaders and transform organizations

White Paper: Coaching Transformational Leaders with the MBTI

Transforming leaders to Change Organizational Culture - CPP Web Site

Why Most Leadership Training Is Ineffective

Learn why leadership development is more effective than leadership training

How Good Leaders Deal with Bad Luck

Learn how leaders limit the effects of luck on their companies

How to Accelereate Performance Improvement- In One Day!

Dr. Truskie decrbes his approcah to accelarating performance Improvement for teams divisions, or companies

How to Get Promoted in Corporate America

Career tips on getting promoted to leadership positions

Does Your Company's Culture Need Cultilvated?

Dr.Truskie describes unhealth company cultures and why they underperform

Effective Leaders Lead from the Center

Managing from the top is ineffective

Entrepreneurs Must Develop Leadership Skills to Develop Successful Businesses

Advosory boards should assist Entrepreneurs in transitioning to a leadership role

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Learn more about Dr Truskie on this page. View his extensive profile on Linkedin; listen to his popular webinar on transforming leaders/organizations; or read his recent articles / posts.